Kens Picture Framing – From vision to reality

Our Story

As a professional Air Brush Artist I found there was no where I was able to frame my work at a practical and fair price. It was frustrating and disheartening to say the least. I put a lot of time into my art work but found they just sat in a cupboard or against a wall, never to be shown.

One day we had a run in with fate as my wife, Natasha was given another well established business, Memory Lane Impressions, (which casts infant and children’s hands and feet in custom framing) from one of her good friends. How the business worked was we would do all the casting and put the frames together but the frames themselves were made by another supplier and, as mentioned previously, were costly. We decided things had to change.

We searched high and low for framing equipment that would suit our needs, eventually finding a seller. After purchasing the equipment there was a little learning curve for myself in regards to this new thing called framing. I surrounded myself with all the learning material I could find, asked a lot of questions from suppliers, spied other shops techniques until eventually I was more than capable of doing the work myself. After this we made the big move, parting with our frame supplier, who completely understood why and still offers support today; extremely nice people.

Eventually we decided to expand our business and offer framing to the public and we haven’t looked back. My motto is “never substitute my quality for the price. ” I want to offer cheap prices to all as, in my opinion, art needs to be shown off to the world, after all, it would be pretty boring without colour!